Düsseldorfs beliebteste Stadtführung

Düsseldorfs beliebteste Stadtführung


Explore the variety and flavours of all original Düsseldorf Altbeers and become an "Altbeer-expert" within 2 hours.

Visit all 5 microbreweries in the historical city of Düsseldorf and taste all their beers!
Enjoy real Düsseldorf beer culture and lifestyle with all your senses!

Experience the handcrafted art of brewing and learn everything you need to know about "Düsseldorfer Altbier"!

daily tours
only 31,50 € per person
5 Altbeers included


Inquiries for individual single tours please send to info@altbier-safari.de Reduced group prices from 15 participants.

Tickets and gift vouchers are also available at the ticket counter in the historical city of Düsseldorf.

Of course we are helpful with table reservations
in one of the brewpubs (if possible).


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